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Saving our country will require all of us to stand together. And with a clear and unwavering voice say “No more!” The excesses of the government will no longer be tolerated.

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Josh isn't like most politicians. By that we mean he is not rich. Because of that we will need as much help as we can get in our attempt to win our nation back. Please give what you can and help support this movement for change. Please mail checks to:

108 Robin Hood St.

Roscommon, MI 48653


Christian, husband, father, disabled veteran, CPA, and patriot

At 17 Josh signed up to join the Army as an Infantrymen. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. His unit was almost done with their year long deployment when he was shot in the back during an ambush. By the grace of God he survived, only to be told he may never walk again. 

One year to the day after Josh was shot he walked down the aisle to marry his amazing wife Brandy. Together they have tackled the challenges that life has sent their way. Today they live in beautiful Roscommon, Michigan and have been married for 11 years. After years of prayer God has blessed them with an amazing baby girl.

Since being medically retired from service Josh used his veteran benefits and earned his Bachelors degree in Accounting with honors, and followed it up by earning his CPA license. After graduating Josh joined Munson Healthcare, where he has grown into a senior accountant and leader in the finance department.

What We Believe

A return to our founding ideals: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness 

Criminal prosecution for civil rights violations in all branches of government.

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Piggy Bank

We must balance the budget and get our financial house in order. 

We do not have a nation if we do not have a secure border.

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We see examples all around us of what happens when we fail to defend the foundational values of our great country.

As someone who has received care from the VA Josh understands the pain and frustration that the VA has caused. He is determined to fix it.

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