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Image by Attentie Attentie

Protect our children

The left has been fighting a culture war for my entire life, but in the past decade the right has decided to begin to engage as well. Not engaging sooner has brought us to the brink of cultural decay, but the freedom instinct of the right never wants to prevent anyone from being able to express themselves. However this instinct has been weaponized against the right with groups using identity arguments as ways of limiting expression. From the 1619 project to the alphabet community, the woke agenda has justified treating people as members of groups and that group identity is the most important characteristic of a person. I still can't believe more people don’t see through this racist and destructive mindset, but the left has created legitimate reasons for people to not resist.


The most important front in this culture war is the children. The trans-gender movement is destroying the future of our society, as it has sterilizing individuals as its stated goal. The evidence of the permanent effects of taking things like puberty blockers and cross sex hormones is not something that is surprising to anyone who is being honest. And research shows that 90-95% of kids who don’t take the drugs grow out the trans identity naturally, while it is the exact opposite for those who take the drugs. You add that to the fact that 40% of trans people try to kill themselves, and you are left with a clear picture, medically speaking. You can either go for watchful waiting, and have a low ball 90% chance they grow out of it. Or you can intervene and flip a coin if they are so unhappy they chose to end their own life. It is also worth considering the best case scenario being a life of taking drugs, never having your own children, and possibly painful continuing treatment to allow the cosmetic surgeries to be maintained.

There is also the race issue. On a government level that means we need to work to ensure the progress made during the civil rights movement is not undone by the people who have segregated housing and graduation ceremonies like some of our Ivy League schools. The most disgusting part is they are doing it in the name of “diversity” when in reality it is the same logic as the segregationists and slave owners. The only difference with the modern left is they believe that white people should be discriminated against instead. That is directly from the godfather of anti-racism, Ibram X Kendi. We need someone who will have a steadfast commitment to not letting up ground here, and in doing so the Republican party can continue to make gains across minority communities as President Trump has done. Our agenda is better for all Americans. Democrats like to fracture us into groups they can manipulate against each other. It's time we reject that racist ideology and unite as Americans!

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