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Secure our Border

The house has already passed a quality piece of legislation to tackle this issue, HR2. This issue is less about finding a solution as to who the people trust to lead us moving forward. Both sides have made their priorities clear. Republicans want to stop the invasion and deport the criminal aliens. Democrats want to hire more people to process them into the country and have them move into your house. 


I certainly believe the Senate race in Michigan will have a huge impact on this issue, as we very well may control the fate of the Senate. And now we have years of data showing the results of the different approaches. During the Trump administration reforms were put into place that greatly slowed the flow. And the action taken was a big part of the reason that wages at the bottom end of the pay scale were rising faster than at the top during the Trump administration. When you decrease the supply of labor operating below the minimum wage then it makes the demand for US workers in those jobs go up, and thus the salaries as well. Unfortunately, too much of that was done through executive action so it was reversed with a change in party. Congress failed to pass the legislation that could have stopped the current crisis before it started.


However that failure has created a clear picture as to the results of the different approaches. The so-called “sanctuary” cities are now feeling the results of their own liberal ideals, and what border towns have been telling us for years. Estimates are at 20 million plus illegal aliens in the US today, with roughly half of them coming since Biden took office. We already have a housing and homelessness problem, and now we are paying for illegal aliens to stay in hotels while thousands of veterans sleep on the street. We can’t continue to prioritize the people who have no respect for our laws and sovereignty over our own citizens.

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